Easter is about WHAT?!!!! – April 2017

Hi Everyone.

Easter is the most important festival in the Christian year.  That first Easter is the pivotal point for the religion and from which the whole Christian Era calendar dating commenced. You would expect, therefore, that from the pulpits clergy would proclaim the Gospel on Easter Sunday if they neglect to do so on all the other Sundays in the year. But for the last two years – have I heard the Gospel? A resounding NO.

This year I heard about the feet of Christ and last year about Easter Eggs! Ye Gods and Little Fishes. No wonder the Church numbers are fast disappearing. It is if the leaders of the Church of England are embarrassed to talk about the Resurrection, afraid to cause offence in some way. But this is the very thing that needs to be shouted out loud. This is the event that caused a revolution in spirituality. This is the event that brought ‘salvation’ to the world. This event shaped the world for the last two thousand years.

But no. We have to hear about Easter Eggs.


Do the clergy want the Church to fail?