Desperately Searching for Something – August 2017






Hi Everybody

I believe there is an aspect of our human nature that is hard wired into everyone that is conceptualised by the word ‘soul’, and that ‘something’ desperately searches for meaning.  It might not be apparent in most sophisticated modern people but that doesn’t make it non-existant.  It has been referred to as the ‘God Gene’.  In fact modern man – if I am not being sexist by using a gender related noun – will usually decry and deny that aspect of human nature exclaiming they are above all that sort of thing. My experience is that they can decry it as much as they like but it is still there! Superstition, religion hopping, Pick ‘n Mix theology, astrology, home grown humanism, and even the other end of the spectrum of demythologising, all point to the same end – that is, the instinctive need to explain or take into account omens, signs, and inner feelings or to divert the fear of the Unknown to more manageable concepts or theories. If we can put a name on something it no longer has the same power over us.  We can contain it to some degree:-

  • An illness is no longer a fearsome threat but a possibly treatable symptom that can be lived with.
  • A plague is not the End of the World but a  means of God to punish us! (No, I do not ascribe to that view.)
  • The theology and New Age section of a book shop can be just as busy as the escapist fictional section.
  • The Ghost tour is always popular in most tourist areas.

The ancient gods and goddesses are alive and kicking but found under new names or images.  Spirituality is present in everyone of us, because we are human and alive.  Our choice is whether or how we express it. I find it both amusing and sad that the spiritually immature try to manipulate the cosmos to their own way of thinking rather than let the cosmos teach them about spirituality:-

  • “God just do this for me and I will be your devoted follower for evermore”.
  • “Jesus is telling me to do this or telling me to do that”.
  • “My Guides are telling me to do this or telling me to do that”.

However looking on as a disinterested observer it seems to be that their Guides or Jesus are remarkedly lacking in wisdom or the prayer or instruction looks more like wish fulfillment or desire of the person praying or teaching than anything more enlightening or from a higher dimensional source. The Divine is big enough not to need defending.  We need to stop dashing around and listen to what the Divine is actually saying. “Be Still and know that I am God”