We Should be so Lucky – October 2017






Hello Everybody

If you have enough to eat, in that you are not hungry all the time, then you are one of only 10% of people in the whole world who can claim the same thing.   Lucky you.

For many, many people in this world a harvest is never a sure thing – the consequence of which means possible hunger or financially tightening the belt at the very least. For some of those people it means something far worse – famine or their very survival in doubt.

If you are a ten-percenter, then you need never fear the failure of a harvest – you just go along to your local supermarket and pick whatever you want from the shelves. Harvest time means very little to you.  Harvest festivals are a thing of the past, of childhood memories, couched in golden colours of nostalgia.  Children of the ten-percent may be totally ignorant of where some of their foods come from – such is the divorce from the natural world around them!

When Life is so comfortable then the demise of religion is almost certainly guaranteed. There is no need for God or Goddess.  Prayer is for the very young!!

What a terrible tragedy. What a waste of Life.  What an awesome missing dimension to understanding and experience.  It is my assertion that those ten-percenters are not so lucky after all!!


Reverend John